ADVENTURE REHAB are passionate that recovery from trauma can be a process for positive growth, the trauma has happened…the journey now begins. Its never pain free but its an adventure and we coach recovery and achievement. We believe that rehabilitation should be focused on moving forward, redefining individual and family relationships and re focusing on the next stage – re-learning to like what you see and recover your confidence.  Engaging with amputees who have aspirations and the motivation to recover their focus is what ADVENTURE REHAB specialize in.


We guide the person and their close network to a point where they can recover control and grow.

We do not offer a one size fits all solution, nor do we promise to solve the rehabilitation solo- but if you have a spark and need it carefully building into a robust flame then you should get in touch.  We work with individuals, families and groups.

Don’t expect an easy ride – recovery isn’t an easy ride and neither will life be from this point onwards – but you’ve got one life, its not a rehearsal and if its worth working for its worth the effort – we will guide you on that journey through its ups and downs.

What ADVENTURE REHAB does guarantee is that you’ll be coached by inspirational leaders, you’ll be guided to horizons that you didn’t believe possible before injury and if you want to get your life back on track we will guide you and inspire you to achieve the goals.

Innovative, 1:1 and group training focusing on recovery of confidence, goal setting and both physical and psychological resilience. Gait, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, new life skills, life development coaching and supported mentoring will see you ascent and recover your confidence, sence of self, direction and passion for life.

The wild environment is our clinical space – it’s time to get out and get life back on track – what’s your recovery goal for 2014… and beyond.

Our innovative recovery programme is delivered in the most inspiring locations in the UK.

Contact the ADVENTURE REHAB team to discuss the limited availability courses in 2015.

Putting lives back on track